AZ-400: Azure Architect Technologies



Duración: 30 horas lectivas


Requisitos previos AZ-400

Fundamental knowledge about: Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles. It would be helpful to have experience in an organization that delivers software.


Presencial en Madrid y Barcelona.
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Temario AZ-400

AZ-400T01-A: Implementing DevOps Development Processes

Module 1: Getting started with Source Control
Module 2: Scaling git for enterprise DevOps
Module 3: Implement & Manage Build Infrastructure
Module 4: Managing application config & secrets
Module 5: Implement a mobile DevOps strategy

AZ-400T02-A: Implementing Continuous Integration

Module 1: Implementing Continuous Integration in an Azure DevOps Pipeline
Module 2: Managing Code Quality and Security Policies
Module 3: Implementing a Container Build Strategy

 AZ-400T03-A: Implementing Continuous Delivery

Module 1: Design a Release Strategy
Module 2: Set up a Release Management Workflow

AZ-400T04-A: Implementing Dependency Management

Module 1: Designing a Dependency Management Strategy
Module 2: Manage security and compliance

AZ-400T05-A: Implementing Application Infrastructure

Module 1: Infrastructure and Configuration Azure Tools
Module 2: Azure Deployment Models and Services
Module 3: Create and Manage Kubernetes Service Infrastructure
Module 4: Third Party and Open Source Tools available with Azure
Module 5: Implement Compliance and Security in your Infrastructure

AZ-400T06-A: Implementing Continuous Feedback

Module 1: Recommend and design system feedback mechanisms
Module 2: Implement process for routing system feedback to development teams
Module 3: Optimize feedback mechanisms

AZ-400T07-A: Designing a DevOps Strategy

Module 1: Planning for DevOps
Module 2: Planning for Quality and Security
Module 3: Migrating and Consolidating Artifacts and Tools

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